The Revolt

The revolt 


Offending proud letter got a jolt

Alphabet tribe went on a revolt

To teach it etiquette, they colluded

Each weepy victim there then alluded


They gathered in the beautiful big platter

Talking together in a cacophonic chatter

Not one voice could be heard above the din

Anger boiled over and patience ran thin



Leader ”A “then gave thundering roar mightily

All clenched teeth calming down with alacrity

He demanded full account of offence done

Quizzing feeling low alphabet “why” of frown



Unhurriedly they all narrated litany of offence of

The Proud letter that preceded “T” followed “R”

Treating all of them to be not up to “with it” level

Being ever aloof when they all played and reveled


Leader then demanded culprit to come forward

Told it to toe the line or hop off their play platter

Chagrined offending culprit then took the pulpit

Admitted to being aloof and agreed to hop to it



Duly reformed the offending letter conformed

Making everyone very happy and they all danced

Celebrated all night long and the din they created

Became a thundering chatter on alphabet platter

“s” less poem

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