The Renegade

Who is he?

Where does he come from

Where is he going

Does he know himself?

The scion of royal family
Well-versed in holy books
Yet meting out unholy war
On the heads of innocents

He is suddenly very visible
Post 911 a cynosure of all eyes
Some doting, some hating
All wanting vis a vis contact

His hidden agenda has been
Operational for a long time
On the back burner before
And now aggressively to the fore

The media is replete with his
Stories and his possible hideouts
A tall man made taller on horseback
Has a presence yet is horribly off-track

Religion does not demand bloodshed
Religion gives succor to the suffering
Religion is forgiveness and peace loving
Then why this holy war in religion’s name

Now the hunter has become the hunted
He hides from one rat hole to another
Followed by his hunters in hot pursuit
To make him pay for all his misdeeds

His reign of terror still looms large
As he is yet to be caught and hung
And his threat n thirst for more bloodshed
Damocles’ sword-like hangs over our heads

He is cunning like a fox
Giving his pursuers a run for their money
Giving all a slip one too many
Eluding even the most elite of them all

The code of Hammurabi
An eye for an eye
And a tooth for a tooth
Does not solve anything

Let’s live in peace and tranquility
Quenching our thirst with the milk
Of human kindness and not blood
And vanquish other enemies

Such as drugs, alcoholism;
Racism, child abuse n child labor
Militancy in religion and caste
These are the bane of our lives!


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