The Quilt

She lay in eternal sleep
The multi-colored quilt
Covering her body at rest
The different patches shone bright
Like her life had shone when she was alive.

She had led a very busy and variegated life
A whole patchwork quilt of very different
Experiences and happenings, enriching
Her already vibrant personality while
She carried on running her huge business

Born of very poor parents and one of many
She had to fight her way up in everything
Making her tenacious and determined
Being beautiful and alluring she was a
Cynosure of all eyes wherever she went

Scholastic honors and relentless hard work
Paid off handsomely and she founded her
Own trading company in a small way
Her frugality and business acumen
Soon made her flourish and blossom

A bad short lived marriage only egged her on
With one small mouth to feed and alone, she plodded on
All life’s experiences made her strong and purposeful
Her humble origins, her good looks, bad marriage, setbacks
All patches of real life formed a strong resilient quilt

Soon she became a force to reckon with in the commercial
World ruled by men- her shrewdness and evenhandedness
Won her many friends and a few foes, all fielded well by her
Her life revolved around her only son,business and none else
And soon her son married and made her a grandmother of two

The two grandchildren grew up and married and multiplied
The old lady continued on even though quite frail but healthy
She had relegated the reins of the business to the new blood
But her decisions were still sought as she was the final arbiter
Well respected by the community and the city’s ‘Who’s Who”

The patchwork quilt of her life was enriched by the sheer
Dint of her constant and cheerful labor of love
Her tenacity and never say die attitude happen what may
Thus when she died she had expressed a desire to be covered
By her favorite multi-colored quilt that had been made for her

Patch by patch by her numerous friends and loved ones
Over the years as a gift of love on her sixty-fifth birthday
And which she cherished, it being a gift of love and a
Mute testimony of her own life, a magic quilt made for her
While she had made her own life shaping it at will!

She had lived her life patch by patch
Like a hopscotch game, hopping over the bad patches,
Glossing over the good ones, loving and living every bit of it
With great gusto, always having the upper hand due to her
Indomitable spirit, intelligence and never say die attitude!

“Everyone has talent, what is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads.”
-Erica Jong


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