The Progeny

The fluid in our veins is the same in

As much you came out my whole

To become a whole of your own

There the similarity ends, sort of

Yet small semblances of looks abound

Fleetingly giving glimpses of origin

The strength of my maternal love and will

Was neither tensile nor tough to mold and

Give you a regulated sense of direction

You forged ahead on your own, taking lead

From the environment, people and

Prevailing events occurring at that time

Now, you are straight as an arrow, yet

You bend when needed and are kind and

Gentle to a certain degree but no more

Your flaws make you unique as they

Are your very own, growing out of your

Evolving process, lending character

The end product is not of my making

Yet you fill me with pride for your

Uniqueness which came to be, on its own


One Comment for: “The Progeny”

  1. Bina, your site is beautiful. I am so in awe of your courage to publish your writing. Your poems are honest, pure expressions of life’s daily hurts and joys. You document life with keen observation of the complexity of seminal events and passages. Your poetry deserves to be out there, and deserves to be read. Never feel that you’re on “some ego trip”, as you’ve said. Your willingness to share your creativity is a gift to us.

    Submitted by Nalani Clark on November 19th, 2007 10:49 am

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