The Pink Ballet Shoe- Oxymora replete Micro Fiction


The Pink Ballet Shoes

Little Tim was mighty in resolve. Decision made he was happier, forgetting his grief over reality’s pretty ugly truth. His immobile mother loved dancing and he vowed to save money and buy her those synthetic natural pink ballet shoes.

His once joyous home was gloomy due to deafening silence. His vivacious mom was dying.


Tim hated cancer disease that was snatching his beloved mom. He needed her as he was not that self reliant. In his piggy bank he found two dollars and change. Shoes cost $19.99. He hoped for a glimmer of hope in dark despair. He hit upon an idea. He would redeem empty cans for nickels.


Tim did not slack off but worked harder instead. At times he felt jealous of his poor rich friends. Then he realized he was richer than them. His mom had filled his small world with immense love. He felt blessed and sorry for his love starved wealthy friends whose busy parents had no time for them.


Tim succeeded in collecting not less but more than sufficient money for the pink shoes. He stopped immediately as he did not wish to be greedy. Acting naturally when alone together with his mom was heart breaking enough. He ran to the store to buy the shoes before the store closed. It was Christmas Eve.


He sped without halting. He was completely unprepared for the sight of his dad with another woman. Guess dad was a cowardly lion. Tim grabbed the shoes and hurriedly emptied his full pockets. He was just in time. He put the shoes on her feet and his sad mom smiled happily for one last time.

PS: based on movie The Christmas Shoes

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