The Messenger

The Messenger

Chastened wiser
Word miser

Womb curled
Tomb unfurled
Combing ties gold

Sun baked sense
Gentle suggestion
Life lessons extend

Tightly curled spring
Ready for upward spring
Backwards forwards spin

Edge of ledge cliff
Fresh oxygen whiff
Messaging in wind

Carriers’ eternal true
Bearers of tidings
Ancient new

At limitless beach
Finger in water reached
Lessons to teach

A poke in the clouds
Message etched loud
Lightening thunder snort

Journey done, on to new
Orbiting and spiraling
Within without

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One Comment for: “The Messenger”

  1. From flower to flower I leave behind the lesson of the gentle sweetness that the Honey Bee creates for us all to taste. Harsh realities are in the bitter-sweet taste of the stumbles before I arrive. The Nectar of the Gods is not in the wine we sip, but rather in the wisdom we drink. I am just a messenger, look up and see what I see.

    Submitted by Carl Stoynoff on June 11th, 2010 6:13 pm

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