The Lull

The sky was opaque n oppressive, the sea glassy n submissive
The boat barely rocked and the sea birds no longer mocked
The skin of the bloated sky was seared by veins of hissing lightening
That struck at will as pregnant clouds beat their breasts and roared
None would give in to the other, as the somnolent winds moaned!

Meanwhile, our lives hung by a thread as we cowered for warmth
Afraid to rock the boat, afraid of imminent deluge while frantically
Scanning the stark sea for refuge, we continued drowning in our fears
As swollen clouds broke water drenching with a gale force birthing
A squally storm in torment, and this newborn howled in a chilling lament

The little boat capsized as we swam desperately seeking any flotsam jetsam
To anchor on to albeit tenuously, just as our lungs threatened to collapse
We refused to give up, constantly flailing ever so feebly!
Then miraculously a friendly dolphin appeared from nowhere and
Piggyback we tackled the mighty waves seeking a beacon anywhere

The finned Samaritan brought us to a small vessel and circled it endlessly
Frantically, we called out ship ahoy loud and clear to all and sundry
This commotion lured a killer shark and both mammals had a free for all
Awakening the ship’s captain who heard the roars of the angry titans and
Quickly pried us off the dolphin, as we almost gave birth to a pair of kittens

Now the lull was over, the storm had blown and soon the retreated calm
In hiding slunk back yet to be replaced by an uneasy lull once again!
“Courage is not the towering oak that sees storms come and go, it is the fragile blossom that opens in the snow.”   -Alice Mackenzie Swaim


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