The Lifeline

After the cord was severed
My quest began…

in early days…
Holding onto my security blanket
And my weather-beaten teddy bear
I was happy and content

Then dread set in….
School was alarming, with hair oiled combed
new uniform, shoes, bag, I found  Dutch courage
in mom’s kerchief wrapped prayer beads
and hit or miss, alternately faltering and cresting
the shaky waves of school years, I finally left them
behind, but now college loomed large….

And the dread dug deeper….
Stories of razing of new students filled me with horror
Facing and mingling with both sexes was unnerving
I met this challenge by making a pact with my god, vowing
If help was given to meet this challenge, I would become
a devotee for life and thus my heaving stomach steadied

now a rabid devotee making daily rounds of the church
I set forth to make my career in the field of science and
Genetic engineering where great strides were being made
Now I faced a conflict between god’s creation and manmade
Gene splicing and engineering and my soul cringed….

Is human suffering to be allowed as God’s will or  should
Action be taken to alleviate it and would that be against Him
My security blanket and lifeline were wearing thin and my
Quandary was great –finally after a deep soul searching
Contemplation, I realized that if these breakthroughs happen
Then, they are indeed God’s will as no leaf can turn without
His will and so be it!

My lifeline is strong and vibrant and will endure forever!
Science is not only compatible with spirituality,  it is a profound source of
Spirituality- Carl Sagan
The Demon-Haunted World:  Science as a Candle in the Dark


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