The Leather Coat

Little horrors lurk in the deep recesses of my mind
Curled into tight balls and shoved into the innermost
The remotest and out of reach corners of my conscious self
Banished into sweet oblivion speeded by instant amnesia.

Coming of age is pregnant with new dangers of coping
Afraid of falling on my face I flail my hands frantically
Seeking past yardsticks to help maintain my equanimity
And unfurl and uncurl those tight balls of hurts one by one

Time of reckoning has come and these have to be dealt with,
Faced and accepted and then let bygones be bygones
Thus building a bridge to deal with present problems
With great aplomb and without hiding behind a shrink!

Coming to terms with myself makes me light headed
Frees my spirit and I am full of joy and bonhomie
Now nothing can get me down as my self-awareness
Has freed me from the slavery of self-pity and cowardice

I am what I am with all the frailties and imperfections
I am the unique me who can improve what is possible and
Accept what cannot be changed like my origin, my color and
My creed and learn to live in this body n this spirit with joy.

My outer leather coat is just an outer cover over my inner coat
It’s a color so true, unmarred by pink overtones of shame
Discoloring it — now after coming to terms with myself
I wear my skin comfortably, proud to be what I already am, ME!!!

“Pride makes some men ridiculous but prevents others from becoming so.”
-Charles Caleb Colton


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