The Knot

Niggle in mind
Became block
Shutting out light

Knot in one corner
Of scented kerchief
Stayed untied

Memory still eluded
Lost track of knots
Plumbing depths of mind

Spent night knotting
Beads in ragged thoughts
Hanging from day’s loom

Slashing Gordian knot
By lateral thinking
Not my style

Finger knots knackered tying
Knots in loomed thoughts busy
Unraveling knot in fabric

Dawn showered light
Dispelled niggling knots
Congealed in memory’s veins

Knot undone
Wrinkles smoothed out
Of corner of scented kerchief

Pitiable is state of heart’s affairs
Ever etching “He loves me, he loves me not”
Knots and crosses, crosses and knots


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