The Gift

My heritage I preserve with great care
For I am its sole trustee and beneficiary
My dad spent but a few years with me
But upon passing, left behind a legacy
Fit for a king…

A bright smile
A sprinkle of cheer
A sense of independence
A bit of courage n stiff upper lip
A never say die attitude
An insatiable curiosity n adventure
A lack of diffidence n shyness
A spirit to carry-on happen what may
An implicit faith in god and myself
A sense of fearlessness n bravado
A strong family feeling
A sense of humility
A feeling of kindness for the underdog
A strong sense of right from wrong
A clear as crystal conscience

All these are my priceless heredity
Imparted with love and imbued happily

Thus my legacy will never deplete
But multiply and grow with me!


One Comment for: “The Gift”

  1. Oh Bina~ Your know how to touch the depths of my soul.

    Submitted by Miyoko Pruitt on October 17th, 2007 9:29 pm

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