The Fountain Part 2 ( the miracle)- The Lacemaker

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Miracle One-  The Lacemaker

Little Maria was a happy go lucky child with a very sunny disposition.  She had lost her parents in a bus accident and was cared for by her grandma Carmella, who was her sole relative. Due to her cheerful ways, Maria was spoilt by all the neighbors who had collectively taken her under their wings and life chugged along merrily.  Carmella got a small pension from the city as her late husband had been a city employee  So they managed their lives quite well by living frugally and Carmella augmented her income by creating beautiful lace tablecloths and bedcovers etc and lovely laces to embellish the summer dresses.  She would sell these in the street fairs and did quite well.  However, due to inflation, the white thread for lace making,  food and other essentials were getting rather pricey and she had begun feeling the pinch as her pension did not  increase along with the rising prices. also maria’s school fees were overdue. 

Maria was busy tidying up the living room when suddenly she knocked off the big candelabra and as a result it fell on the floor taking with it the eyeglasses of Carmella that had been placed next to it only a few minutes ago.   Now, horror of horrors, one lens was broken and Maria was beside herself with worry and grief.  She blamed herself for breaking her nonna’s eyeglasses and did not know what to do.  Carmella hearing the crash quickly hurried over and upon learning of the accident was quite upset at first but upon seeing little Maria’s tear stricken face, she quickly gave her a big hug and told her not to worry.   But inside she was very upset as she had a lot of laces to complete and needed those glasses.

Maria had been saving up her little money to buy nonna a nice Christmas gift.  Now she raided her  tiny piggybank and took out three coins in her little fist and decided to go to the Fountain and make a wish for a quick miracle that would fetch a brand new pair of eyeglasses on the double.   She looked very pretty and beseeching as she threw her coins over her shoulder.  Tinkerbell  who was ensconced on one of the seated statues, read her wish as it rose to the heavens like  a smoky plea.  She put out her hand and caught the wish and wrapped it around her right wrist  like a bracelet.  She quickly flew behind little Maria as she made her way home. .  Once reaching there she quickly understood the whole situation.  Now this wish had to be granted quickly.

Tinkerbell flew towards the village church and entered the pastor’s personal quarters.
She heard the pastor talk excitedly to someone seated across the room.  He was saying
That soon a very important emissary of the Pope will be stopping by for a few hours on his way to London.  He wanted to spruce up his apartment for this august visit.  Tinkerbell willed him to think of some pretty lace tablecloth to covers his tabletops.
The pastor immediately thought of the lace cloth adorning his friend’s dining table.  His friend Peter said that he had bought it from Carmella.  Pastor wanted the same one for
His table and so they immediately left for the village.  Upon reaching Carmella’s house
They found out that indeed there was similar tablecloth half done and also about the mishap.  The Pastor due to his present excitement and delight and goaded by Tinkerbell by telepathy, quickly agreed to have it replaced by a brand new pair on urgent basis from the local eyeglass/vision store provided Carmella finish the lace tablecloth within next 2-3 days which she immediately agreed to do.  He also promised to pay the full amount she usually charged for her lovely tablecloth.  Little Maria was watching it all with Shining eyes and thanked Jesus for granting her wishes so quickly through the Magic Fountain.   amen.


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