The Fledgling

In life’s spring she was a bud
Full of great promise n mystery
Her innocence was refreshing
Her laughter quite invigorating
She was the apple of her dad’s eye
Loved by one n all, unreservedly.

Spring followed on its heels by summer
Made a quick exit, clouding the deep blue sky
Her life’s weather too changed abruptly
A stranger  visiting from another country
A family friend welcomed by all n sundry
Becomes the focus of their attention, suddenly

Always basking in love and warmth
Her loss is his gain, drawing her inwards
Her joie de vivre dissipates n her feet turn to lead
Her shiny face  turns sallow and lack-luster
Belying her once glowing pink cheeks
Blighting all the promise in her.

What is ailing this delicate bloom
Who has wiped the laughter from her face
Why do her eyes look old and knowing
Who has marauded and plundered her person
Why are her shoulders drooping n her head bowed
Why is this girl-child a woman overnight?


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