The Constant Elements

Decades ago, bells, cymbals, morning prayers pulled
This morn taped prayer beckons from eastern joint
ancient chant cobras sway resonating in déjà vu mind
I pull body soul together to navigate another new day

Cisterns of conscious streams flow in channels of mind
Few easily plumbed, rest will reveal depth in due time
unfurling petals of heart to soak in healing dawn light
that floods innards devouring darkness skulking inside

fettered soul flutters feebly chomping to fly free
tethered to a non robust shapeless decaying body
florescent veins of knowledge sluggishly course as
chi tries valiantly to clear inner  pathways perforce

karmic chakra will play itself out one day
this house of cards will finally fall, call it a day
unfettered I will wait curbside for the chariot
Failing which, I will self propel, taking instant flight

Ashes to ashes dust to dust panchbhootam will fall
Sky, air, water, earth fire will claim their atoms, all
The shimmering within will fly to fresh pastures until
Complete self purification allows entry into own abode
*panchbhootam: sky, air, water, earth, fire

**chakra~cycle of life


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