The Breaking Point

Their world was shattered on Valentine’s day
changing it forever….

His presence became redundant and he was let go
Time like a millstone hung heavy on his hands
All his efforts towards usefulness came to naught
There was no glimmer of reprieve from any source
And his spirit began to sag..

All his beautiful children and grandchildren came over
visited him for a brief while and carried on with their lives
leaving him with time hanging heavily weighing him down
He felt compelled to earn for his financial survival
which also added to further frustration..

All his usual pursuits gave him no pleasure
he was disenchanted by it all and did not enjoy them
His personaility went through a sea change yet
His loving kith and kin had no idea, no inkling and
they were sublimely unaware of his grief..

He too never let out a hint of his inner turmoil n torment
Tethering it well in company and releasing it all when alone
His whole life and person were coming apart and he was clueless
How to fix his life even though he was a wizard fixerupper
There was no crazy glue to hold him together..

He arrived at the extreme step after all else had failed
Luckily his beloved wife was away and he was alone
After seeking forgivess from the Almighty
For this, his final trespass, he snuffed out his life
On valentine’s day, putting an end to his agony..

Leaving behind a painfully puzzled, bewildered, grief stricken
shell shocked family and stunned friends..
“Suicide is.. the sincerest form of criticism life gets”
Wilfred Sheed, The Good Word, 1978


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