the Boy

the Boy


The Doctors’ son sat

Smiling, captivated

In own world

Face glowing

Source unknown


His  parents tended

To stare longingly

At our son, rendering

Unto us a squirmy

Sort of discomfort


Twinges of guilt

Always trickled

In as we hugged

Our much prayed

Pleaded for, only child


Our son grew steadily

In mind and body

Being of friendly

disposition, shared toys

With the boy readily


The boy had a beautiful

Smile and was sufficient

Unto him self and I often

Sensed in him an ethereal

Other worldliness


The glow in his eyes appeared

Heaven sent –his mind n body

Though progressed at a snail’s

Pace as this painful “reality”

His medico parents embraced


Then one day they visited

Bearing smiles, box of sweets

In Boy’s neck a gifted gold chain

Declaring the boy proved to be

A blessing to jeweler neighbor n them


Right after his fifth birthday

The kid brought tons of luck

The doctor parents landed

Plum jobs n babysitter jeweler

Got in his store a serious crowd

Now jeweler came over daily

To invite the boy to his store

The parents approved knowing

He couldn’t be in better hands

That fate could ever them bring

Love and care showered by Jewish

Jewler and his brood of all ages

Wrought wondrous change in the boy

Who progressed rapidly making grieving

Parents at last in quiet happiness, sigh


(* was reminiscing about my only son and remembered this “boy” esp. cos. after my son was born, he -my son was literally snatched from my arms a couple of times, our plane’s window cracked, he jumped into a deep pool as toddler and got into all kinds of “heart in my mouth” kind of  trouble )


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