The Bond

The Bond  

Her tattoo was throbbing! Yogi had to be near!  Why could she not find him?Getting second wind, she got up again and searched the debris and broken bodies strewn all around due to that unexpected landslide.  Their tour bus had been hit and the driver was dead  

Mia and Yogi were childhood sweethearts and post storybook romance, had tied the knot.  In childhood during a visit to India they had gotten each other’s names tattooed in their inner arms which had further cemented their bond.   There are only few times in life when all the planets are aligned and a perfect match takes place.  They were those soul mates Yogi had always wanted to serve and had joined the army.  His skill with languages and analytical ability led him to a plum assignment in Kabul.  He could speak Pashto like a native and had blended seamlessly.  The only way he could communicate with his US bosses was via an Afghan asset Lalrukh who ran a dry grocery store in Kabul.  This shop had been in Lal’s family for generations.  He had become an agent due to disenchantment with the Taliban and other fundamentalists. Lalrukh like his abba (father) respected women and that was another reason for helping the Americans.

 Mia did not need a laptop to connect with Yogi.  Each time she caressed her tattoo, Yogi’s arm throbbed and vice versa.  Their tattoos kept them strung together as one.

It was a stroke of bad luck that a bomb had landed in the very bazaar where  Lalrukh’s store was and Yogi had been having a cup of tea with him in the back room.  Both had been injured and taken to the local hospitals.  It was there that Yogi had been caught.  In a state of delirium he had babbled in chaste Hindi the name Mia over and over again. He was still in his afghan getup and head gear.  An injured young man brainwashed by the Taliban lay in the next bed.  He got suspicious of Yogi and immediately informed the local imam (priest).  Yogi was brusquely whisked away even as the US army was on its way to airlift him to safety.  The nightmare had begun.

Mia had visited Vrindavan once only and had been captivated by the playful god Krishna.  She had heard many stories about Krishna and had adopted him as her own personal god, friend, and confidante.  She would close her eyes and get transported back to Vrindavan. The awful news about Yogi was conveyed to both the families who were stricken, fearing the worst.  Mia ran to her small Krishna and closed her eyes.  She pleaded with him to help.  She found herself roving in the streets of Vrindavan until she saw Kanha with a flute in front of her, smiling away.  She woke up with an upbeat mood.

 Through various channels, Yogi’s whereabouts had been located.  He was stuck in a cave in the nearby hills under militant’s control.  He was being lashed daily but divulged nothing.  He caressed his tattoo parroting Mia and Mia only. 

 Handpicked men trained in rescue missions were sent after exhaustive briefing.  Everything had been timed to perfection.  Divert, attack, rescue and run like hell.  They chose a cloudy night and the rescue went like clockwork.  Yogi was now resting in a US army hospital and was scheduled to fly back in a week’s time.  Mia was aboard a flight to India to bring him home personally.  It was then that Yogi’s mom requested them to visit their family shrine in the lower Himalayas.  They had agreed and had boarded the bus to pay their respect.

 Locals had gathered and were helping with rescue operation.  A few scavengers too had emerged from dark crevasses like birds of prey.  Mia had informed the parents along with the US embassy.

The tattoo throbbed and frantically she searched here and there.  Then she saw him!  Krishna with his flute was beckoning her.  She walked in that direction unquestioningly.  After climbing down some precarious ledges, Mia saw her Yogi lying on an outcrop of the hill.  It was a natural ledge.  Krishna had vanished.  Eyes filled with tears of joy she screamed for help.  

They were aboard a flight home when Mia shared her news.  They were going to have a baby finally.  Yogi and Mia had been married for seven years.  To Mia’s relief Yogi had to decide on a career move now as promised by him after marriage.  That could wait as he savored the word “dad” on his tongue. (picture from internet)


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