Warming cold digits

Around steaming cups

Body got the fidgets


Fidgeting fussily

With various joints, attempted

To align dreamy disjointed mind


Mind is a heaving beehive~

Seething with whole gamut

Of ideas, both tame and wild


Wild (erness) in its raw

Spare beauty never fawned

Like those handiworks, contrived


Contrived efforts often face fall

As flopped soufflé(s), still success

Stories were, are a win, win, totally


Totaled ideas plaited as a unified stream

Emerged as a prayer for heartwarming sunshine

At this frigid juncture in seasonal point of time~


If above jointed, disjointed jots

Made no sense, then we both agree

I need more “steaming” / thaw(ing) ~


It’s always beginning to an end

Or an end to the beginning-




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