Temper, Tempering, Tampering

Scintillating smiles and bon mots during
The heatedly contested debate, successfully
Camouflaged sharpened daggers in their eyes

In tempering down her repartees
To arch rival several notches, she bloodied
Her tongue and tightly fisted palms

His well meant tampering almost toppled
Their corporate raid’s applecart, seething inside
She swiftly lassoed her temper, gathering her wits

Going for the kill, he’d staged an expensive rooftop dinner for two
Nature’s unexpected tampering ruined well laid plans stoking his temper
Which he quickly tempered while greeting her with deadpan sangfroid

Both brilliant and mercurial, the lovers met and parted
Explosively, their unbridled emotions easily tampering
With their true love often ruined by passionately rising tempers

painting is by Pavel Kuchinsky


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