Tea and Biscuit


After more than forty winks
I want a warm drink,
Food for thought
Again in bed, sink~

Ancient, carried forward
Oddball memories, form link
Chains that snake dance
As if charmed~

Faint chimes of bells
Toll hushed secrets buried
under time’s burka wraps
of dastardly intrigues~

images of alien souks and people
swim before my eyes in “déjà vu”
moments of parallel life whose
ripples subside as I reach out~

mind is a cornucopia
of many lifetimes’ worth
of living and dying and
unfinished books~

thoughtfully I dip a sweet biscuit
in my piping hot tea, dunk as a child,
bite and ruminate, shake my head
leisurely sip and think~

when I crack my case
you’ll be the first one to be privy
to its decoding, many past
“lives lived”~


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