back of palm was scintillating

index finger boasted huge diamond

middle one sported a metal ring

ring finger had a modest gold band

thumb had an intricate magnetic ring

little pinky was bare forlorn

owner of this magnificent hand

By virtue of these baubles

Had firm illusions of grandeur

Of being protected by their power

From problems big or small

Such was his profound belief

That when things went awry

gentleman was quite sorry

His bafflement ever so complete

Amazed at his so-called defeat

That his rings were bereft of magic

He went to the soothsayer

Flung his rings in despair

Cried your talisman works not

And my money has come to naught

My life is as before unchanged flat

I can really do nothing more than that

Life is as you make of it

When we will ourselves to change

The talisman will also work

doors will open wide

people will be receptive

And world will be our oyster!


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