taken aback


Mirrors throw curved
balls these days
My face is no longer
mine alone
Departed haunt
As they take over
My features, feature
By feature
Serenity permeating
innards develops fault lines
old tumultuous relationships
Make my eyes, stormy
I love my morning brew
As much as anyone
This nature made brew
I can do without
Its easy to say
Make your peace
Yet certain hurts
Run too deep
Weeping days were done
When they’d left, then why
O why have they, this way
Crept back
Getting ready
for appointment
I have to face
my face
Being no make up
Artist I try to steady shaky
Fingers as suppressed furies
Flee Pandora’s box
Gathering scattered
Bruised limbs of psyche
I put on my “All is Well” face
For show and tell, again
Painting is by Piccaso


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