Thwarted Maternal Love

Oh baby when you were born, I was very delirious

Ailing in mind n body, heart was full of love, joyous
Your poor misguided father engaged a super nanny
knowing only strict discipline, admonishments many
Bereft, my motherly arms ache for you, sweet baby moon
Bloodless lips quiver wanting to sing lullabies and croon

Evading martinet’s well meaning eyes, a mouth that hisses
I rock gently covering your pretty face with maternal kisses
Be courageous my sweet baby and grow straight as an arrow
Know your veins carry blood of martyrs as does your marrow
I do promise we’ll be together soon baby, one shiny morrow
Seated on fluffy clouds colorful rainbows of love, no foes

Destiny dealt a blow as there is many a slip between cup and lip
War took you and your dad away from me, giving my love a slip
I count my days on prayer beads, dreaming of your loving arm’s grip
Thwarted weeping maternal love knows no respite other than this
Do return garbed in glorious regalia of valor on a homeward trip
We’ll spend quality time reinforcing bonds of love and kinship

I shall cosset care for you spoil you rotten with abandonment
Living as if there’s no tomorrow in love’s lost enjoyment
We shall engage in childish play missed in your growing years
Will share joys tackle your pet bugaboos and suppressed fears
Pray, make me proud even though I had no hand in your growth
Know all occurs at God’s will despite lion heart, will and oath

War has gobbled loved ones and I bide my time forlorn and dejected
In twilight years we are like so much flotsam and jetsam rejected
Lackluster eyes await news of missing loved ones with hope flickering
Constantly shooed off streets I hang doggedly nearby dithering
I’ve never demanded, complained about hardships, your will defying
Please God grant me one glimpse of flesh of my flesh before dying