Trouble in Paradise

Their love life began at age three
With shared milk n cookies spree

Sunning on rooftops their mom’s gossiped
Kids often fought over toys some or all of it

Their dads were fond of tamed white doves
Which the kids learnt to fondle n command

In school years homework notes were exchanged
The doves carried them to and fro thus messaged

Adolescence wrought tonal change of missives
Love and passion crept in as hormones kicked in

Their love had seen all weathers, weathering all
Families decided to tie them in wedlock’s thrall

Career move brought them to the Big Apple’s shore
They relished the city taking to it like ducks to water

Each Valentine’s Day they exchanged perfect red rosebuds
This year was their twelfth year and dozen were the buds

Next day a cousin sister, mutual close friend came to visit
She had incredible figure face n he couldn’t take eyes off it

She played him beautifully had him eating out of her hand
Much to disgust of her chagrined cousin’s love complacent

After week of mooning around siren and taking furtive chances 
He guiltily caved abjectly sorry seeing wife’s withering glances

Post apology she made him buy jewelry and a dinner and dance
He accepted this let off for faux pas as he loved her very much

On arrival home after night out, siren was ready for coffee n talk
Cousins exchanged naughty looks, burst into laughter giving shock

The siren then extended hand for winning bet of hundred bucks
Wife extracted note from purse ruefully admitting to easy loss!

He wanted to dispel the mystery of the bet and their laughter
She informed confident of their love she’d been bet instigator 

Siren had accepted bet deciding to give cousin a run for money
She knew gorgeous looks made men prowl as bears to honey

Bro-in-law despite supreme love for childhood mate n Valentine
Had fallen prey to sis-in-law’s glam looks, coy moves clandestine

Paradise lost foolishly was finally regained
The bone of contention was after all a buddy

He she her-threesome
once again became twosome

Paradise regained


all pictures from internet- not mine