Musings On Life


Robin Hood waves come ashore
Give some loot and take some back

Michelangelo sands swirl in the wind
Sculpting exquisite dunes transient in beauty

Sirocco winds breeze brazenly bearing refrains from known melodies
Familiar notes echo awakening responses of memories of lifetimes past


The stars hang loose glowing like Chinese lanterns
Huddling into constellations foretelling futures from above

Sunrise serves a rejuvenating pick me up to the wilted
Departing in a blaze of glory promising encores daily

 Dark clouds seething in anger roar and threaten stomping feet
Venting ire by crying copious tears in a downpour to lessen grief

Courtesan earth changes garbs at the whimsy of the elements
It is a preening green ocher chameleon, at times cracking n quaking

Man the two legged wonder blunders about in animation
Masked puppet making measured moves in chessboard of life

Kaleidoscope of destiny shakes itself and creates new patterns
New players replace the old chessmen and new life games begin

Unshakeable faith is that one rock that stands sturdy as an ancient pyramid
Mute testimony that all else is transient and temporary per HIS dictate n will

~~~   `~~    ~~~~