Maria’s Cry

Eve of September 11, 2001

“Daddy please  hurry! I am unable to breath! I am scared” she whimpered.

Lou woke up in dead sweat!   The piteous cries belonged to his beloved Maria.

Maria, Mat, Mark were his beloved triplets.  Lou, Mark and Matt were cops, posted in Lower Manhattan.

September 11, 2001

Horrified, New York and world watched toppling of TwinTowers.  Maria worked on twenty second floor.  Many jumped out of windows, she headed for stairs.

Detectives Lou, Matt, Mark rushed to disaster area.  Frantically they searched the rubble.   Police dogs helped save many.  Clinging to hope on a wing and prayer they searched as buried Maria cried for help :   “Daddy please  hurry! I am unable to breath! I am scared”

Maria was sure her family would save her.  She kept calling from cell every few minutes.  Dogs sniffed following the sound but Maria was buried deep. With bare bleeding hands, they cleared debris like wild men.  Time was running out.

One last push created a passageway.  Slim Mark crawled inside.  The cell phone beeped for the last time.    Mark  hurried on .  His elbow hit something.  He saw his sister’s handbag.  He moved on.  He reached dead end.

Maria watched as her daddy and brothers searched for her shouting her name.  She was perplexed.  She was standing next to them.

Nightly she whimpers:   “Daddy please  hurry! I am unable to breath! I am scared”

Note: this is based on a true event. A dear friend lost her niece that day.