Weight Loss Battle

Weighty Struggle
Present weight loss struggle does my mind boggle
My aching head and limbs not in sync cannot toggle

Mind decides to toe the line n stretch limbs
Limbs wish to curl up comfortably and sing

My body behaves like many a troublesome teenager
Those who take pleasure in thwarting their stern elders

Totally flabbergasted and flummoxed for once
I’m clueless as how to regain control n balance

I knew my journey in weight loss would be uphill
Happily I’ve paid my bill yet find myself on a grill

Wise say it is wrong to expect rewards for all struggles
But I desire rewards of chocolate n cream cheese bagel

Wise say the act of struggle is the reward not what you win
As struggle strengthens n ultimately leads to success therein

My beat up body has dreams only of food and recess
Trainer fiend wants me to suppress n halt food obsess

Woe is me with aches and pain, breathless flogging myself
Wondering if I’m better off  parking my “thin” resolve on shelf!

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Yoga Woes And Favorite Pose



My Favorite Yoga Pose Etc.
Religiously I beat myself black n blue
Folding, molding, angling to unglue

Inhaling n exhaling dutifully sans ado
Psyching self to suck air n tummy too

Gradually groaning n moaning, my bones
Whole body, the ligaments and stiff joints

Orchestrated and performed the yoga poses
Browbeaten into coming to heel in wee doses
Finally amidst much fanfare and mantra chants
Whole sequence was completed with inner rants

Happy to be free from posture’s travail and inner wail
My freed body sank on the floor like a beached whale
Relaxing our mind and body was a very soothing voice
And my pained organs off the hook chortled and rejoiced

Letting go whole body limb by limb turned out to be a bore
Finally yoga group sat up to pray and I let out a loud snore
I had mastered the corpse pose well in one shot!

(pictures from internet – google images-DISCLAIMER