The Thaw

I Polonius was on 7th heaven literally. Zipping through the galaxies in my latest plantar pod P1  I was bearing the final puzzle piece that would change Plantar history once and for all.  Our sworn enemies the Tartans would be vanquished and reduced to slavery. Plantarians will rule the world.  There had been an ongoing war between Tartans and Plantars for galactic supremacy and we were on the verge of gaining the upper hand.

****   ****   ****

Beaming Steve and Stella were walking down the aisle after reciting their vows and Mahler’s fifth Symphony was playing in the background.  Amidst confetti and showers of blessings they left for their honeymoon.  The empty beer cans tied to their car bumper  were making a happy clanking sound in their wake.   The plane soon dropped them off at Phoenix Arizona airport.  They were planning to rent a car and drive down to Sedona where they had rented a lovely cottage for their honeymoon.  Time was flying and they were lost in their passionate world and the incredible environs made their honeymoon magical.  One night as they were busy making umpteenth plan for their future, suddenly the cottage started shaking and was filled with a strange blue green light.  They rushed out and an incredible sight met their popping eyes.  A flying saucer had landed on their front lawn. Gliding out of the door was a half human half robot extra terrestrial (ET).  They were speechless in awe and horror.  The ET halted in front of them and quickly transformed itself into a full human form.    In human tones he asked permission to come inside.  Then he said I am on a mission and both of you have been selected after careful elimination process.  Please tell me your dream and I will ensure that your dreams are realized in exchange for helping our great cause.  He said even though mankind was centuries behind their planet in evolution still they had a certain ingredient which was a missing link or a catalyst that would make them totally supreme and world rulers.  In exchange he would make possible Steve and Stella’s dream of owning a musical academy.  After much thought they agreed to go with the ET to their planet.  In heart of heart they believed that they had no choice.  Due to atmospheric changes. they were made to lie in two special chambers and whisked off to planet Plantar.
The two caskets bearing frozen Steve and Stella were placed in a special chamber where Plantar doctors and scientists were engaged in various calculations and experiments.  Finally all preparations were done.  They were only waiting for one last item before completing this breakthrough in their growth and supremacy. 

***   ***     ****

Polonius suddenly felt jolted out of his reverie.  He was under attack.  Tartans apparently had come to know about his mission and were hell bent on stopping him from reaching home.  He dodged them skillfully but still his pod tail was on fire.  He was almost home and had alerted his fellow Plantarians.  As both Tartans and Plantars could transform themselves into humans, they were constantly spying on each other on earth.  No one was any the wiser if their friend or neighbor was an ET or a human such was their prowess in blending and assimilating.  Hence Polonius was under attack.  He had to get home by hook or crook.  On full throttle he finally enters the pod enclosure as his engine bursts into flames.  Quickly the fire is put out and the precious cargo is downloaded carefully.

***   ****   ****

Plantarian Voltar was the senior most and was getting impatient.  The enemy tartans were only a step behind and it was crucial that they succeed.  It was a matter of survival.  The forum of ten senior most Plantarians gathered in the special chamber.  The medico Valerian was ready for the final step. 

***   ***   *** 

The chamber was elliptical in shape.  In the center the caskets bearing Steve and Stella were attached to the wires emanating from the embedded form of Jesus Christ that was carved in the chamber wall.  The heart of the sculpture was hollow.   Polonius had brought a fresh heart from earth and this was quickly placed in the hollow chest cavity of JC’s sculpture.  

The heart belonged to a saintly Jesuit priest from jerusalem  who was known for charity work. Polonius had skillfully extracted it before the priest breathed his last and had secured it in the special container he had brought with him.  

The wires sent weak currents pulsating towards the heart which in turn was connected to the two caskets.   Gradually medico Valerian increased the strength of the electrical impulses.  The chamber reverberated with Mahler’s fifth symphony.   Then Mendelssohn wedding march alternated.  The music was exhilarating.  Other than the music there was no other sound.  All eyes were on the pulsating red heart!!  Lub a dub lub a dub…  Suddenly it started glowing and rays of light started circling the two caskets.  The thaw had begun.  After a good half hour, a miracle occurred.  Materializing in the center space between the two caskets was a perfect form of a newborn human child.  He was perfect from head to toe.  He was a male child.  Slowly as the music reached crescendo, the baby started growing in form and slowly became a young man.  His beauty was mesmerizing.  His eyes were closed and his arms were akimbo.   There was a thunderous applause.  The experiment was a success.  The newborn (adult) was whisked off to the adjacent chamber.  He would father the superior race that would be invincible in the galactic arena.  Or for that matter everywhere on heaven and earth.  JC’s heart had stopped glowing.  Steve and Stella were carefully repacked in their caskets and whisked back to their honeymoon cottage safe and sound and fast asleep. 

****  ****   ****

It was a beautiful morning and both Stella and Steve were feeling extra perky and alive.  It was the last day of their honeymoon.  They looked at one another and even though they tried to recall the something that was niggling their brains, they came up with nothing.  However, under the salt and pepper caddy on the dining table was a mega million lottery ticket.  The night before the results had been declared.  Out of curiosity they decided to check the numbers.  They had won   252 million dollars.  Theirs was the winning ticket.
They forgot everything else in this wave of pure joy.