Celestial Invite For Redemption

Celestial Chance For Redemption

Like a lace filigree enchanting
Like an intricate lattice hanging
Like an etching in air free standing
It’s God’s gilded painting outstanding

Sun spun gossamer curtain fragile
Earth arrayed in a shower of light
Like a soft unfolding benediction
a stretched hug tender from heaven

Earth, shrubs, flowers, leaves, trees’ bark
Have  quickly shed their gloomy jerseys dark
To bathe in the unexpected fountain sublime
a hallowed gift glowing in perfect rhythm n rhyme


 A forgiving father to prodigal son to return to the fold
Offering a tantalizing glimpse of paradise to regain n hold
After a solemn promise to rehabilitate, restore, nurture 
Earth that he has plundered, polluted and torn asunder

 Invocation – supplication-purification
total supplication
elemental immersion
Highest spirit’s invocation
pagan spirits made bold
shattering artificial molds
melting layered fool’s gold


liberating shriveled souls paroled
To purify sanctify cleanse and remold
Arms loving forward for embrace enfold


We all beseech, seek cleansing tenfold
Immerse us in fiery kiln elemental to glaze
Decadent bodies of clay to rejuvenate, emblaze


Shorn of trappings we stand naked as newborns
Craving for fresh regenerating daybreak’s morns
O Wind, sand, fire, sun, forsake not your firstborns!

illusions delusional
egoistic sensational
insensate senseless
bubbleheads in bubbles
hoarding many a rubble
chasing money baubles
illusion shattered
dissipation, Supplication
soul’s reclamation
placating paying obeisance
recouping lost luminescence
kindling dimmed conscience
awakening remembrance
reviving dormant intuition
revving spirit’s rejuvenation



  Final Redemption…Tamsoma Jyotirgamyo  

only first and last images are from internet

Images used after permission from: (www.DustToAshes.net) .
© 2001-2009 Ales Prikryl – all rights reserved