An Ode to Joe “O”

An Ode to Joe “O”

Johnny Depp looks
Auburn locks that shook
J “O” got all the girls
With a glance, mere look

Poor Karen’s Daddy O
Disliked this J “O”
His darling smitten
By dumb Jay “O”

Once at the annual carnival
They rode Merry-Go- round’s blue
horse, Karen enjoyed, J”O” screamed
One foot black blue caught in horse’s legs

Daddy’s gut knew him to be Calamity J”O”
Karen smitten badly firmly said daddy “No”
To prove her point they went horse racing
Joe O’s horse threw him at once, grass facing

On a skiing holiday once in Vermont
Family went on a cross country jaunt
Halfway thru, J”O” skis went askew
Took toss, broke one hip, bones few

His looks still fetch many a vision, who
Stick for a bit before quick thought revision
Poor “for long haul” Karen, suffers from rosy vision
Daddy wrings hands, unable to pry, cause division

Finally welcome last straw “happened”
J”O” house-sat with Karen as her parents
Took a mini vacation and upon their return
Daddy’s misgivings matched all trepidations

Poor dumb J”O” totaled daddy’s vehicle
Smack in front of local police station
Broke wall, left keys in locked running car
Hoofed for spares, upon return, got shackles

Now he languishes in the slammer
Karen’s rosy eyes have lost glamour
Daddy is rubbing hands with sheer glee
It was worth it all to get his darling, free

(daddy works in my office and is very happy now)