On A Soap Box

Triggered by:
Word: sentencer and
Flirtations with endings & beginnings,
with stories of Eve being framed,or Adam really taking the full brunt of the fall for he ate with a clear head, well-knowing //-
By Carolyn Srygley-Moore (culprit)

** ** **
Began life with a smart wallop by the sentencer
Who got sentenced in holy matrimony hastily? (mentor, elder sister)
Entered in holy wedlock with a full deck
Decked later was nobody’s fault, unholy

Greasing palms to get wheels rolling knowingly
After slipping sliding on same grease why cry foul?
(hoist on self created petard!)


Enabling the bullying perpetrator first hand
Then playing martyr later is simply not on
(allowing behavior unbecoming then whining)


Crying “had no choice” may be a given yet that’s a fallacy
None can get at the core within, a survivor’s instinct


Seeking helping hands maybe fine but only few times
Strengthening self sans crutches is the only option

Accoutrements, props, sops, bolsters are a temporary fix
Empty spaces have to be filled with actions concrete

Destiny and luck do play a role when the stage is set
Groundwork of sincere efforts has to done at the outset

Like a dog chasing its own tail in the sunlight
Hankering after impossible is but a pipe dream

Scabs of pain formed in head pay dividends constantly
Why not close that account by amputation permanently!

Life is like flowing waters on the move ever meandering
Going with flow rooted in soul’s earth within is only thing

Blame is a name game with a pointed finger, yet
Three fingers point at self- do ponder on that and linger

 Time to descend from my soap box
Feel free to peruse my random mutterings or toss