Hotbed of Gossip

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  Hotbed of Gossip 

In walked the new admin pretty and pert
All wannabe hunks straightened suddenly alert
The women too stared hating what they saw
A delectable vision in midst hitting in the craw

Suddenly the dusty boring office became a hotbed of gossip
Bets were taken by oldies as to who would get first dibs
Women also took care in dressing up amidst raining jibes
Sucking in bellies, sticking out chest, a breathless tribe

The men spent a small fortune grooming and shining like new pins
Gallantly offering arm to the vision to show town sights in a car spin
The vision enjoyed it all used to this cloying and clamor for attention
She had other sights in mind and simply tolerated their silly intrusion

The sexy business tycoon boss was her aspiration and her target
She’d met him at a convention n then in her homeward bound jet
Instant friendship and mutual admiration had led her to job accept
She had fallen for him and had planned accordingly being adept

Ignoring all the caps shamelessly thrown at her, she carried on
Her plan was going full throttle n she was sure she was spot on
The boss had invited her to a weekend getaway at his farmhouse
She’d agreed with alacrity without any suspicions being aroused

 Off they went merrily for their love tryst in his favorite set of wheels
She had meanwhile dropped hints at office n given her daddy a whiff
Impotent in rage thwarted office hunks had deflated like failed puddings
Daddy came seeking in hot pursuit still thinking his baby an innocent

 The boss was out just for a load of fun having no other intention
The chagrined pretty minx was rescued by daddy with admonition
The office staff was happy that no one got a taste of the honey pot
The honey pot seethed remaining untouched despite ingenious plot

 Gossip had flared reverberating in the dusty office for a whole month
Enlivening their lives and bringing a bit of color in their life humdrum
Daily drudgery n old fodder for grist mill had been making them glum
They waited for new break in monotony to gossip about n then some

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Definition of Gossip:

 What you don’t see with your eyes, don’t witness with your mouth.
Loose tongues are worse than wicked hands.

Jewish Proverbs
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Gossip is the opiate of the oppressed.
Erica Jong
1942-, American Author

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It is perfectly monstrous the way people go about nowadays saying things against one, behind one’s back, that are absolutely and entirely true.
Oscar Wilde
1856-1900, British Author, Wit