Certain event triggerd a whole set of memories and
 I suddenly recalled my own brush with a v. persistent LoveStruckRomeo (LSR).
This happened 30 years ago approx.  I was working in International Operations at a Bank and was about give or take seven months pregnant.  At that time, my hubby had to go to Egypt for some project work urgently that he could not postpone.  It so happened that the day he left for the land of Nile, an Egyptian male made an entry into my life by way of a bank officer in training.
  He was quite personable and okay sort of a person but somehow after meeting me a couple of times he got hung up on me!
At first I thought it was my imagination and I even asked my colleagues at work, but they too assured me that it did appear like a case of loveria!!!
This Egyptian Tut was in fact always lurking about in my environ ready to catch my eye.  I was quite mystified that here I was like a little baby elephant with a huge stomach wondering what this lovestuckromeo saw in me.  He was always underfoot with a rose in hand every day, jumping to open doors etc. To avoid him or hide , the office folks took to alerting me via the doorman or mail clerk or the front desk secretary would call my extn. To update me on his whereabouts  so that I could hide myself or duck in another office.

He would sing (songs) chansons in French which he spoke fluently, or recite poetry etc. and I was a bit embarrassed by all this attn from this Egyptian Tut.  I was in fact getting a bit frantic but did not wish to make any trouble for him job wise.  The irony of the situation was that possibly my hubby was enjoying dinner and belly dancing at some exotic Egyptian restaurant with all manner of exotic Arabian dancers hovering over him and crooning “Maiyya Maiyya” in Arabic  and here at home a young Egyptian male was in hot pursuit of me.

Since then I have never met or heard of any man being attracted or having a fetish for pregnant women.
To get my mind off my LSR woes, my friends at work bought tickets for dinner and a show at a real fancy dinner- dance place and persuaded me to come along as well. I did not need too much coaxing as I was at a loose end most evenings and so went along.  The dinner was superb and then the show started.  I was in for a real shock and a treat.  This was the year 1979 that I am talking about.  The show was of male go-go dancers and my eyes simply popped out of my sockets. At first I was a bit embarrassed but after a glass of wine, I kind of mellowed out and began to enjoy myself- sort of going with the flow.  Of course all the firengi gals were having a blast and dancing around and whistling etc…At all the eye candy with six to eight pack abs on display and lots n lots of hip movements to boot.

 In my mind, I kind of liked the idea of this role reversal-as usually we see exotic girls doing pole dancing and other stuff but here it was a bunch of young muscular guys.  It was an eye-opener for me  and I also wondered a bit guiltily if the baby knew what was going on as usually I did my ohm chanting  and other religious stuff to impart good thoughts etc to the baby and this was a real extreme opposite and way out stuff for me. Also I felt a whole spectrum of emotions- a bit of shock, a bit of fear,
a bit of guilty pleasure all rolled into one with my pulse racing as never before!!

Luckily after a couple of months my LSR was transferred to another branch and my hubby had returned home safely and all was well in my little world.


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