Summer had a makeover

With palette Technicolor

Fall unpuffed its cheeks 


Leaves swarthy garbed colorfully

Danced their final square jig

Winter sniggered a slighting dig 


Winter dampened spirits

Robbing color from tanned cheeks

Melting snowman jeered cheekily





Wavelike feelings
Surreal undulating
Fronds in ocean depths
Of my eely mind

A few spiky alarms
Some dreamy ferns
Curlicue creepers
Wandering coleus

Wafting aroma
Fragrance of cherished
Rose in yellowing
Thumbed book of mind

Cozy lap’s lilting lullaby
Cascading gentle streams
Love shower a mere dream
Cresting waves frothy cream

Drenching self in sprays
Diving to revive
Plumbing depths
In fathomless seas of mind


Frozen Music

fissured earth’s frail green flag


chopped stump’s octopus limbs


war ravaged bodies, a heart beating


browbeating dominance, spirit unwilling


a lark in my garden singing


nature’s breathtaking vista, returning breath


truth is that virus, no gun can kill


beholding nature’s handiwork, frozen music  


picture from internet


An obscure landscape

Nondescript place

Extraordinary sight

Flightless bird in flight

Icarus on the waterway

Fish flying on airway

Piranha regurgitating bits

Bits coming together

Forming joey rabbits

Stars stretching arms

Gently touching petals

Petals pecking starry cheeks

Sun, moon gliding hand in hand

Day and night getting out of hand

Topsy turvy world sleeping waking

Seated on a dinosaur back

Magic wand my hand waving

When a 3D reptile converged

Recoiling I jumped, fell

Thud woke me, pell mell

A fanciful dream, I could tell

Painful back

Out of shape gait

Was my fate

(picture courtsey

Falling Apart

Personal world
Tsunami laments
Fallout dirges

Limpet grief
Clings, being
Leech sangfroid
Blood letting
Fat frau
Ticket less
Hopping ride
To nowhere

Falling apart
Is liberating
Grief stricken
Pander personal
Such behavior
Condoned, you
Being out of
body and mind!

picture from internet

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