Last Night

Last Night  (with my Angel)
Last night two sets of grandparents met for a bite
With lots of gaeity n equal timeshares with the mite
catching up with family news n this that n whatnot
soon amidst dine n wines time’s passage was forgot
Today with mixed feeling we are homeward bound
With brunch stop at lil ones cousins n grand uncle aunt
Time has way of slipping by fast through the fingers
Bliss enjoyed by her advent in life will always linger
Life in every picture phase slice frame and setting
Is a never ending cycle of meetings and partings
We seesaw between moments of happiness n sadness
In equal measure, appreciating life’s evenhandedness
Only time will tell when we will meet her again
As life has taught nothing can be taken for granted
My heartfelt wishes n blessings shall carry her forward
May she grow strength to strength in all ways upward a doting granny

(picture from internet)