Mushy heart finally caved in
Joining hands with reason
Gently releasing memories

Carefully removing hidden treasures
Squirreled away from prying eyes
I pried open one jewel at a time

Hidden in the leaves of a much
Thumbed book, mementos silk
Highlighting emotions of every ilk

Perched between parchment sheets
A parched white lily, head askew
Reminder of a “Judas’ pal’s adieu

From red velvet swaddled “Gita” page*
I extracted a sprig of the holy basil
A loving reminder of Mom’s visage

Sidled this one too with the lily
Side by side on table mahogany
Building a pile of boxed feelings

Next pulled out Oxford dictionary
Ensconced in leaves was note twenty
Reminder of dear dad’s love aplenty

Found hidden copy of Lady Chatterley’s Lover
A boot leg copy read often, cover to cover
Removed red rose bud given by first admirer

From my favorite author Somerset Maugham
Extracted birthday card from childhood pal
One of trio buddies- party to scrapes big, small

The well visited Indian cook book
Gave up a scrawled recipe from sis
A dish known by rote, often cooked

A travel book released an old photograph
Of a dozen red roses from first anniversary
Jokingly taken to commemorate matrimony

Out of many beloved books and texts
Emerged pictures of my beloved “Krishna”
Along with pictures of my baby and me

All these I lovingly bundled in a separate pile
For new hoarding in jewelry box as letting go
Is very hard, even though they live in my heart

The other bundle I released in the fireplace
Its embers flying as many colorful butterflies
For, there is time to remember, a time to erase

Residual Memories

Old vinyl crooning
Young aunt mooning
foaled calf half falling

Hastily slithering snake
Scared kids ready to stake
swollen monsoon, a lake

First tingle of mingle, alien thrill
Two bodies merging in collision
Childhood going over the hill

Sweet ginger tea, marzipan candies
Interesting tobacco cartons, shiny tins
Hookah’s gurgles, skinned childish shins

Mysterious rendezvous by smoking Uncle
Neighbor’s daughter hastening on cycle
Sniggering kids, money in fists, lots of caramel

A funereal funeral in breast beating procession
A wild woman in throes of ghastly possession
A face peering through half drawn curtain

Staccato howls, enemy planes’ banshee prowls
winter’s discontent, dogfights, brandy laced chai
Chilblains chased by warming bricks me and my

Heart and mind zoned out, bodies entwined
Strangers knotted arranged in holy wedlock
locking horns, emoting cloud nine egos shorn

Residual memories’ indelibly blinking
Trail of yore plane’s tail lights winking
Magnetic bits bytes unwind triggering

(pictures from internet-disclaimer)