Man Proposes God Disposes

I Mira, being a veteran of ten near death experiences, this upcoming trip has filled me with trepidation.  I am going to plan properly in case it becomes my curtain call.


**   ***  **


Hastily I made a few hushed phone calls and sent out a check after filling out the forms online and hit the send button.  Now I can relax and smile as usual.


***   ***  ***


My flight was ready for boarding and armed with the latest bestseller and my adorable Lord Krishna statue in my handbag, I boarded the plane.


***   ***  ***


Having opted for a window seat, I made myself comfortable and got snug in a blanket ready to doze off.  I do not know how long I was out but when I woke up the atmosphere in the plane had changed drastically.  I could smell fear!!  I nudged my neighbor and mimed whatsup??   She whispered that our plane had been hijacked by an obscure Jihadi faction from Afghanistan.  I was stunned as after 9/11 disaster the security at New York airports had been beefed up.   It seemed as though my premonition was coming true.


***  ***  ***


Ali and Mahmud Khan were born and bred in USA.   Their father Ali Khan senior had migrated from Afghanistan 40 years ago seeking asylum.  Both brothers along with regular studies learnt Arabic and recited holy Koran to their father daily.  The head of their mosque Mullah Hasan was Ali Sr.’s friend and hence they took it all in their stride.  They loved USA. The family ran a grocery store carrying both Afghani goods, and regular fare.  They had a good livelihood and lived in a modest home with a good school.  Then it all changed one day. 


***   ***   ***


Ali and Mahmud were euphoric after the hard won base ball game.


“Yah Allah, something is terribly wrong bro!..  Stop swinging the bat Ali, see there are cops outside our home.  Gran and mom  are weeping.  Oh God!! What is wrong??”


Running hard they arrive home and find out that Ali Sr. their dad has been shot dead and anti Moslem graffiti had been sprayed in their store warning them to go back to their country.  They are shocked.


“We are Americans by birth and this is our country too!”


The local police captain assures them that the culprits would be apprehended soon and brought to justice.  They are given police protection.


***   ***   ***


Today I Mullah Hasan  must offer special prayer to atone for my deed. I had to  sacrifice my best friend Ali as collateral damage.  The cause is bigger than all of us and hence justified.   Ali Jr.and Mahmud  will now willingly come into the fold.  This shock would be the catalyst.  AND Here they come!  I must channel their anger towards the bigger cause and hook them fully.  I will now give them enough funds to look after their womenfolk and put THE Plan to action.


***   ***   ***


Special agent McMillan was traveling to India incognito to meet a Mossad and an Indian RAW agent to firm up plans for setting up the special cell to be embedded in Afghanistan for intelligence gathering.  He was carrying a coded list of Afghani  recruits for personal handover.


“Father I have some important new for you.  At the gold club I overhead that that golfer McMillan is not a banker at all but an Military Intelligence agent!! His boss was giving him instructions. McMillan is traveling by Air India to Delhi  carrying a coded list of Afghani agents!”


Mullah’s son was a waiter in the golf club where McMillan had met his boss and had inadvertently heard it all whilst laying the table in the adjacent booth.  He repeated this information to his father who immediately put a plan in motion to acquire the list.  Ali and Mahmud were smart and would break the code easily.  But first they had to feel committed to his cause.  Hence he sacrificed Ali Sr.. 


***   ****  ***


 Oh Krishna!! Am I finally going to meet you??  These clever Jihadi’s between the two of them have cleverly managed to smuggle on board an unassembled special plastic gun and now after putting it together they have hijacked the plane.  They have taken as hostage a banker named McMillan and are demanding ten million in ransom plus safe landing in Kabul instead of Delhi.   They have already wounded the co-pilot and one of the first class stewards in a scuffle.


***   ***   ***


The plane is over the Arabian Sea and begins gradual descent.  Suddenly the plane loses both engines and control due to bird hits.  It plunges to a watery grave.


**   ***  ***


McMillan and the Jihadi’s are floating on same flotsam! Death is a great equalizer.


Mira is clutching her Krishna and has a smile on her face.  Even though her fear of water is vindicated, the insurance policy she took out before boarding will amply provide for her family for a long time!!



(ps: this is pure fiction: was poking fun at my fears!!