collecting tiny paper
umbrellas for rainy days
sipping daiquiris in between
sleeping and waking
tipsily hanging on to the
tail of a falling star
across sky wandering

moments of joy sparkling
fireflies in reverie
host of golden daffodil
memories, making heartaches
bearable, in between
being and non being
existing for the sake of it

reviving self daily
dying to live, living to die
knowing end to be thus
capturing rapturous moments
like soap bubbles, bursting
after floating momentarily
recalling their bliss only

flash flash dot dot coded life
smoke signals rising
cosmos motherboard
receiving recording
seldom responding to
SOS of a grieving heart
torn asunder from its beloved

homing pigeons under
lock and key longing to
break free, fluttering
ramming selves against
fetters, unfortunately
erected by own cold reason
holding own soul captive

(picture from internet)