The Heart Knows

What is happening to me?  His mind screamed.  Oh Lord Krishna please help me.  I know god is one and all that but why am I reciting Shree Durga mantras. Something that I have never done in my life.  I am confused.  Krishna please help me understand.!! All I want to do is to hold my lovely wife Rose and son Jay close to my heart and come to your temple in person to pay my homage Krishna.  HELP!!!
Hotshot builder architect Neil Bhatia found himself constantly chanting goddess durga chant “Om Sarva mangala Maangalye   Shivey Sarvaartha Saadhikey    Sharanye Trayambikey Gauri  Naraayani Namostutey
He was flabbergasted.  How did he know this mantra??  To date he had only chanted Krishna mantras as his folks were staunch Krishna devotees and contributed heavily to the Delhi ISKON temple.  He came up blank. Ever since his head on collision, his world had become topsy turvy.

Neil Bhatia, the son of Bhatia the leading Builder of Delhi was in Shimla on a working holiday.  He was staying at Hotel Oberoi Cecil.  There was a builder’s convention in the hotel.  After attending a few talks and workshops, Neil decided to take a walk down the Mall.  His timing coincided with Rose and they met halfway.  Neil was classically handsome with killer looks and blue eyed fair Rose looked ravishing in an aquamarine dress.  It was love at first sight.  Smiles and nods soon changed to handshakes and embraces leading to an engagement.  Bhatias and D’Costas were both broadminded and had full faith in their children.  Soon a marriage was solemnized in a church and in Hindu tradition and Rose moved back to Delhi.   After all the festivities and honeymoon excitement was over, Rose began an avante garde Nursery school with the latest teaching techniques.  Her family school catered to children of foreign ambassadors and the wealthy.  Hence she was familiar with the latest innovations and utilized them in her school as money was no object.  With in laws’ blessings, she also set aside eleven scholarships for those deserving children who could not pay the steep school fees.
Her staff was hand picked and as committed to quality teaching as her.  Hence when Rose was pregnant, she could stay home without any worries.  Jay Bhatia was born one stormy day and looked like the elements were rejoicing with her two families. 

****    ****  ****   ****
O Virgin Mary!! I, Rose D’Costa Bhatia wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the miraculous recovery of my love Neil.  As promised I have come on this pilgrimage to your beautiful St. Michael’s Church in Mahim, Mumbai.   I am fulfilling my vow and completing my Novena by attending mass on nine consecutive Wednesdays with my son Jay. Thank you Mother.

Rose D’Costa was an incredibly lovely Anglo- Indian of 23 years.  She wished to get away from her family run convent school and strike out on her own.  She applied and got a teaching post at the famous Bishop Cotton School in Shimla.   She was very happy and often during free time explored the town and its environs.  Once she found herself outside the Kali Bari Temple.  She was hesitating to enter when she saw the priest emerge from within.  Priest Durgesh saw her interest and showed her the temple complex giving a running commentary about its history.  They became friends.

****    ****    ****
Today, I cannot contain my joy.  My innermost desire to become the head priest of our Goddess Durga’s shrine has become a reality.  Father is unwell and needs to rest.  Mother Durga has always been kind to our family and continues to bestow HER benevolence.  Our Kali Bari temple is graced with the presence of Goddess Shymala (Shimla).  I simply love morning arti best and chanting Durga mantras constantly. 
Durgesh’s college friend was getting married in Delhi and he decided to shop for the wedding gift there itself. Knowing his best friend’s likes, it did not take him long and as he was hailing a taxi, a car suddenly burst out of the parking lot and hit him.  The accelerator had been  erroneously pressed by the child driver in mischief and Durgesh was injured badly.  Meantime, the car’s chauffeur managed to grab the steering from the child’s hands and halt the car. But it was too late and Durgesh was grievously injured.

****   ****    ****
Yes, I think I can finally negotiate and deliver the property vacant to dad for our next big project.  Dad will be delighted and relieved. The squatter has finally agreed to meet and surely we can come to an amicable settlement.  I can feel it in my bones.  Then I can celebrate with my bundle of joy Jay and Rosie who have both been very patient with my short temper lately.  I feel awful about my behavior and after today will make it up for it to them..  In fact I will surprise them with tickets to Disney World In Florida USA.  They will be delighted. 


The Bhatias had purchased a large property on the outskirts of Delhi and Neil had to go there to negotiate with the last squatter.  Waving goodbye to Rose and son Jay, Neil rushed out.  As he was driving on the highway, a truck with failed brakes suddenly jumped the median and crashed into his car.   The steering embedded in his chest and he lost consciousness.  The accountant who was seated next to Neil was shaken but uninjured and immediately alerted everyone.  An ambulance was on its way. 

Neil required a heart transplant.  Durgesh was brought in unconscious at the same time.  His injuries were grievous.  The police had found Rose Bhatia’s phone number along with Soham Kher in Durgesh’s  pocket.  Soham was out of reach but Rose was available and was coincidently in the hospital itself.  The police informed Rose about Pandit Durgesh’s accident.  Rose called the head priest in Shimla at once and advised him about her own plight as well.  Once the senior priest came to know that their son could not be saved, he gave permission to have his heart donated to Neil.  He felt, in this way a vital part of his son would be alive in Neil’s body.  The heart transplant was a success. 
***   ***   ***
Neil slowly regained his strength.  Only his nights were bizarre.  He found himself nightly in a Goddess Durga Shrine performing arti and chanting Durga stotram constantly.  Rose then told him about Pandit Durgesh and how she had become his friend.  Neil wanted to visit the temple and also meet Durgesh’s parents.  Rose decided to call them to Delhi instead. Upon arrival, they came to know that their son’s heart remembered Goddess Durga and hence Neil the staunch Krishna devotee was fluently reciting all Durga slokas without a single error.  He had never chanted them before.  His donated heart knew.
“Om Sarva mangala Maangalye   Shivey Sarvaartha Saadhikey    Sharanye Trayambikey Gauri     Naraayani Namostutey
Lord Krishna and Goddess Durga had collaborated.
Jay Bhatia now basked in the love of three sets of grand parents viz. Priest Shastri’s family, D’Costas and Bhatias.  He was lovingly cherished by all.

Lord Krishna : Indian deity, god

 Goddess Durga (wife of Shiva) is also called shakti, Goddess Shymala (power)

Shimla is a hill station in Himachal state in India

Mumbai is Bombay India

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