Love in Sunset Years

Love in Sunset Years

She was in her early seventies
He was in his teens by spirit and
Chronologically pushing eighty


Her feisty spirit took her places
As caregiver of motherless children
Working for a harried workaholic father


Mildred always welcomed us with smiles
Baked goods beaming goodwill and cheer
As newlyweds we basked in her maternal love


She helped me transition smoothly into my new life
She took me shopping and taught me driving as in turn
My company rejoiced her flagging spirit widowed untimely


Then cupid struck one day out of the blue like a rainbow
She met a dapper gentleman at the local seven eleven store
She helped him read fine print as his eyes could read no more


One thing led to another and two souls collided and colluded
To fill their days with joy and wine n dine outings were mooted
From two separate entities they soon became a fused twosome


A wedding was planned with all the trimmings and banns posted
Local rag lauded their sunset romance, their wedding dinner hosted
All friends, family gathered together to celebrate and have a ball


Mildred and Malcolm lived up to the hilt waltzing nursing highballs
Rice and bouquet thrown they hastily got into their just married car
Empty tins tied to bumper n trunk filled with scripts, oxygen cylinder!


Their zest for life gave us hope and cheer to muddle our ways through
Count blessings discard despair never to lives rue, now I pay homage
To Mildred who revived my bewildered spirit when I was a bride new

PS: my salute  to the golden oldie Mildred Walker who came into my life when I first came to US shores and saw the statue of Liberty as a wide-eyed clueless newly minted bride in the mid seventies 

pictures are from the internet-disclaimer