A Miracle Needed

Today was D-day.  Neo prayed desperately. Lab. Rocky howled. A year ago Doctor Neil performed emergency surgery. “Injuries are superficial. This beauty will heal fast”. He thought. Monica returned for last check up.  She realized she’ll miss him.   Attraction was mutual. Their marriage was more between two business houses. Monica and Leo were childhood friends.  Their son Neo’s was a miscalculation. Monica dumped him in nanny’s arms shamelessly.  Leo adored his son.  For baby Neo, nanny, Daddy and Rocky were his world. Dr. Neil collected information on Monica.  He resolved to have her by hook or crook.    He became privy to Leo’s movements. ER “I am dog tired!” Callously he killed the patient.  He was alone.  There was no paperwork.  Shift over; he sped away with deceased. Leo was drunk when he left the club.   He hit gas pedal hard.  Crash!!  He hit something,   passing out slumped on wheel. “Hello 911! Headlines blared, “Playboy Leo kills competitor Mark in cold blood.”  Witnesses had heard Leo threaten Mark at club barely an hour ago. Neil had masterminded whole sequence of events like a maestro.   He patted himself. Everyone bayed for Leo’s blood.  Shocked Monica realized she did love her husband.  It was time for damage control.  “I will save him”, she vowed fiercely.