Frozen Tears Blue

Frozen Tears long to thaw
In the warmth of a single loving
Glance, one acknowledging nod
Few words on my soul’s book wall jot

Head and heart are in constant chatter
Weep not for the one who cares not
They say- as only you’ll be mauled
Being the neglected one in this foray

Soul knows this is a temporary journey
All relations too have short life spans
Yet when a cord is unceremoniously cut
Hurt is unbearable being the unkindest of all

Daily I apply emollients of home truths
Yet the wound refuses to heal as oozing blood
Will not congeal, scab perfidious too refuses to
Form, going against its nature to thus conform

I long to thaw my frozen heart and have a good cry
Stony eyes keep standing like statues, will not sit
Ever on the lookout for a even a whisper from the
Loved one, a gesture acknowledging I do exist for him

Such heart break I do not wish upon my worst enemy
Take care to never love or suffer like I’ve done awfully
Ensure always that the vessel you pour your heart into
Has breach less bottom to stop love from trickling wastefully

Eureka!  Enjoying maudlin moments and mood blue
I realized my beloved had been with me all through
He is that blue beloved who resides within and without
He had never forsaken me; it is I that had HIM forgot!

all pictures are from internet- not mine

Its a homage to Hindu God Lord Krishna