The Ancient Cave

Deeply embedded in snow
Electric eye mesmerizing
In waves azure, mystical

Primordial sounds emanating
Tingling aura, hymns, bells
Pealing, appealing

Tugging at the heart
Stirring buried links
Soul beckoning

Déjà vu astonishment
Familiar and yet not so
Weather beaten pathways

The ancient cave
Ancestral haven

Waves rippling
Dreaming with eyes
Inwards opening

What is dream?
What is real?


The Monk

To free my mind
I sit to unwind

Detached from tree
A mere leaf I be

Can hold them nor me
Time and tide I ever be

Stilling mind I sit still
Lotus pose daily drill

Mind’s activity to abate
Ever wiping its slate

Detached thoughtless
Purposeless- nirvana

To free mind
I sit to unwind

A monk I be!!

Note: last year during our Alaska cruise- in the glaciers we saw a huge opening and it was a glowing blue in color- it sent tingles down my spine even though I joked that Superman is going to fly out of it! I was trying to capture the feel.