Displaced Placed

Displaced Placed

 Born somewhere
Bred elsewhere
Wed where
not here
not there
some place
not here
not there

 Lived there
Lived here
lived for them
Left alone
by them
neither here
Nor there
not here
not there

 Live not alone
yet for self
by self
Talk to Self
in self
Hope to be
not here
not there
self merged
within self

within self
by self
for self
up self
down self
blissful self


Add on by friend fondly named  Reflector 

My world begins and ends with my self…
I exist therefore everything else exists…
if I am not there 
things can keep existing but
 they have no meaning for me…
it is self everywhere

 ~~ ~~  ~~ Nirvana is not the blowing out of the candle. 
It is extinguishing of the flame because day is come.
Rabindranath Tagore


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The Unveiling


Willfully bared veils
Delusional, dropped

Props propping self image
For edification, cropped

Mental enhancers bottled
Unceremoniously throttled

Body shorn of all pseudo baubles
Stood stark proud without coddles

Eden is within and the apple n the serpent
Poison of temptations n sins are what I repent

Skeletal framework thus salvaged
Glistened, still not fully ravaged

Temple of my spirit thus redeemed
Glowed unhindered as I’d dreamed

Light as a feather free unencumbered
Pricking conscience no longer censured

Unveiling journey was hardest one yet
Ripped guts to cut chaff and core beget

Am I selfish, callous, an uncaring iconoclast?
Dregs are true me, rest knowingly I did shed

Today what you see n what I see is what you get
No shams no primping no pimping and no regret

All blemishes, scars, wounds, reprisals, pain
Let go, allowing self to heal, paradise regain

Unveiling journey inwards has finally culminated
I retrospect with peace in heart, vision amended