Marketplace Purveyor

Marketplace Purveyor

Road to perdition begins with sedition

Mr. Shopper you decide your life’s mission

I am but a purveyor of my own volition

Selling goods sundry is my family’s tradition

You can buy a gun to defend home hearth family

Fulfilling the dreams of your folks n nation happily

Or take the wrong road enticed and seduced by sick minds

Drug abused a pawn in misguided hands you can be reduced

To a puppet, only a means to an end as your choice shall portend

Use care Mr. Shopper as road to perdition begins with sedition

Jannat Heaven Valhalla can be had only doing work of god and allah

You decide who will you let overpower your heart mind and soul

One wrong turn will make you a pariah and a foul ghoul who mauls

mindlessly kills, maims life limbs leaving behind a mount of sightless skulls 

A string of beads to chant the name of the maker is a great choice

Beware gun n prayer beads do not mix as they are like water and oil

Only perform that act that does not make your inner conscious recoil
I am a mere purveyor of goods Mr. Shopper, you make your choice!

 (picture from internet)