Self Absorption

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 Self Absorption
Lost- was it you or was it I
In the mazes of our blood ties
Do we have to seek recompense?
Who shall do the honors n dispense?
Embracing, revisiting our gone childhood
I thought the spring of love was strong, intact
But you were engrossed with your own off-shoots
Love taken for granted by me was misunderstood
Lost- was it you or was it I
Have we outgrown one another?
We went through sisterly motions by rote
Avowed kinship and love n did suitably emote
Lost- was it you or was it I
Thus we paid obeisance to our past
Relished sharing sweet sour togetherness repast
Also toothpicked memories’ slivers hard and fast
Lost- was it you or was it I
My heart breaks for what could have been
I feel I haven’t changed only you’ve moved on
That’s the hard fact of life, but childishly I clung on
Lost- was it you or was it I
Chronologically age has taken its toll also
Even the beloved departed took their roll call
We the living are miles apart, this fact did me appall
Lost- was it you or was it I
Destiny maybe our foe, not an ally
Sentimentally I figured we were still the same
That was my folly and I have only self to blame
Lost -was it you or was it I
Yes- you were the same where I had left you
I had moved on in ways more than one but not you
Too late, I realized I was the lost one as I bid you adieu



lost- was it you or was it I
No- It was not you

Yes- It was just me
Lost to one another, were we.