Colorful broken pieces of a life time
Some prosaic, few colored, some sublime
Retrieved sieved churned drudged smudged
Some real, some wistfully recalled a few fudged
Some linked, some declined, some chained
Some losses, some best buried, some gained
Few willfully forgotten, some hungered, some refrained
Colorful broken pieces of time gathered as life ordained
Collected collated anticipated culled mulled
Faced, jaded, grimaced, frayed, brayed, grayed
All tones interfaced with colored time pieces
To conjure a finished mosaic happily interfaced


A composite mosaic exciting enticing albeit prosaic
Depicting reality tinged with fictions and fairytales
Eye candy that regales and is intriguingly failsafe
Life to excite and grab needs teeth of this and that


Ceramic chips culled from past of good times and bad
Bits n pieces that give joy or make one wince with pain
All the ingredients necessary to give it a heart and brain
A masterpiece that throbs with life beckoning again n again 


(pictures from internet-disclaimer)