I Wish

(pictures from internet)


I wish


I wish to be that embrace imparting

succor When life gets you down



I wish to be that sweater warmth giving

robbing chills on a snowy wintry morn



I wish to be that quilted bullet proof vest

rendering useless shots spewed your way



I wish to be that favorite melody refrain of yours

Cheering and chasing away your blues



I wish to be that silly puppy wagging its tail, extracting

A reluctant smile when you are down in the dumps



I wish to boost your morale cheering from sidelines

When at play you overcome obstacles big or small



I wish to be that soothing salve, celebrating spirit

n your tenacity to conquer all odds bleeding n mauled



I wish to be that positive spirit, that wise thought

Allowing you to make the right decisions 



I wish to cushion all blows during life’s sunset

When you are feeble and unable to fend for self



I wish you to flourish, nourish and cherish loved ones

Like me, before departing from life, my beloved son.






(my son at one)

my grand-daughter elyssa divya at seven n half months