( Early am pre-coffee)

Vanilla sky
Orange marmalade filled
Chocolate ball sun
Gentle shower of gummy bears
Interspersed with éclairs

Remaining grey tousled locks
Hubby beholds me shocked
left you at computer last night
Honey, raise your head
It is bright morning outside

Sheepish I look up from internet
Sport false grin stale breath
Gently unhinge arm from
Shoulder, leaving it there

Haul rest of me to the shower
Singlehanded, ready within hour
As a slide my sneakers I realize
Golly, must screw back limb, re-hinge
Arm, hinge zombie brain, back to reality


Luck Scratchers

Luck Scratchers


A freshly burnished spring in gait
Wearing never say die attitude jauntily
Patiently they lie in wait for delis’ opening
Ready to buy the keys to their destiny

Clutched in wrinkled blue veined fists
Precious dollars that they can scant afford
Greed and hope compels them to give
Spent diving life a jumpstart and a jolt

They are:

The luck scratchers,
The dream catchers
The lottery watchers
Bright eyed bushy tailed whistlers

Standing with gleams in rheumy eyes
Clutching cards to scratch in vice like grips
Slackening mouth drooling quivering drips
Praying for bit of luck to finally destiny unzip

Deaf to pleas to stop such waste advice
Enthralled by addiction’s grip like steel trap
Adequate food and medicines is what they lack
Driven to eke scarce bucks for luck to come back

They are:

The luck scratchers,
The dream catchers
Lottery watchers
Bright eyed bushy tailed whistlers

(Daily on my way to work I see nannies and old people shuffling around furiously
scratching away lottery tickets to match pictures or numbers for a windfall)

(pictures from internet)