One Upmanship


One Upmanship 

 The sexy gigolo was again on prowl
Men thronged Rose cheek by jowl
Contrived collision mid deck
Made Rose and gigolo connect

Lottery winner spinster
Rung new beau dry
Lavish gifts showered
Nailed him by her side

 Post week’s loving on luxury boat
Gigolo’s heist plans were afloat
In her drink he slipped a Mickey
She gave him her pooch sickly

 As he left her dog with ship’s vet
She switched drinks in move deft
They clinked, drank to health
Both dreaming of plans ahead

 Next morning gigolo groggily rose
He searched high low for Ms. Rose
At night she’d left ship by chopper
A runaway felon and an imposter!

ps; to slip a mickey= sleeping pill 

 picture from internet